In this lab, Cardio- pulmonary disease in normal conditions or after surgery, such as coronary artery disease, patients with valve problems, respiratory disorders, rhythmic disorders and chronic lung diseases are studied. This lab in collaboration with teachers and experienced Physical Therapists  and  tools such as pulmonary function test, cardio-pulmonary exercise test, treadmill exercise test, metabolic  stress test, Blood pressure and HR control tools try to determine cardio-pulmonary function and readiness - both in terms of exercise condition and cardiopulmonary diseases and after surgery. The main goal of exercise cardiopulmonary test is assessment the performance of lungs, heart, blood vessels and muscles during activity and exercise challenges. Measuring the amount of oxygen which body uses during exercise with other lung and heart performance indicators provides important information about the general health status and prognosis of certain diseases. In cardiopulmonary exercise test, the level of oxygen saturation examined.
In addition to above capabilities, this Lab helps to physicians in diagnosis and treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases. In addition, ECG and ultrasound procedures covered in this lab.
This lab with an area of approximately 30 square meters and full equipments is ready to perform some research. This section established in 2014 based on  university policies.