Physical Therapy is a branch of rehabilitation sciences which their experts in this field interact with various medical professionals such as Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Cardio-pulmonary and etc. Physical therapists are expert in  non- pharmacological treatment approach which is called physical therapy. In fact, physical therapist along with a medical team can play essential role in treatment; even healthy people can improve their physical fitness using physical therapy services. These services are not restricted to any particular age group and depending on the specific problems, it can be applied to all ages, from infants to the elderly.
The Physical Therapy Clinic in School of Rehabilitation is presented in two main sections, exercise therapy and electrotherapies; including ultrasound, infrared, LASER, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, magnetic and electromagnetic waves, ultraviolet light, biofeedback, etc. However, in recent years, other treatments such as shocked wave therapy, dry needling and compression therapy have been applied.
Clinic administrator: Dr. Sophia Naghdi
Ph.D in Physical Therapy
Associate Professor in Physical Therapy Department
Tell: 02177629430

This clinic has different sections which are  introduced as follows:

Physical Therapy Clinic for brain damage

Services: This section applies professional Physical Therapy for patients with stroke and cerebral palsy with emphasis on professional medical training.

Facilities: This section has different electrotherapy equipments; including ultrasound, infrared, different types of electrical stimulation, etc and mechanotherapy such as exercise therapy equipment, treadmill etc.

Tel:021-77535132 - 021-77533939

Extention: 311

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Roshanak Honarpisheh, B.Sc in Physical Therapy
Seyyed Azad Hosseini, B.Sc in Physical Therapy