Teachers and experts of this laboratory use mechanical principles and the scientific methodology to describe the nature and problems in human movement .Main focus is on functional restrictions and biomechanical superpositions of joint injuries and disease. This lab is equipped with advanced experimental tools for assessment and analysis of gait patterns and foot mechanics in the normal conditions and neuromuscular musculoskeletal disease conditions. Gait disorders are very complex and include secondary compensatory compliance of damages, which are difficult to identify. Information obtained from gait analysis is useful for physicians, therapists, and athletic trainers to obtain the required training or treatment plan. It could be involved a variety of surgeries required to improvement performance programs. Gait analysis for people in different ages who during walking due to orthopedic or neuromuscular patients   have different problems such as pain and for cerebral palsy, stroke, and osteoarthritis is very important.
This lab with area approximately 30 square meters with isokinetic dynamometer Biodex model, a treadmill, whole body vibration, camera and video equipment, including developed software to analyze images, and sports wheel is ready to conduct the research. This lab established in 1997 based on  university policies.