About the Speech Therapy Department


The Department of Speech Therapy was founded in 1994 in the School of Rehabilitation of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in order to satisfy the growing demand for practitioners in this field. This department admits students in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programs in order to educate them for communication sciences, speech language development and their disorders as well as clinical practices. This department is equipped by electrophysiological and behavioral research laboratories in the fields of language and speech pathology. Postgraduate degrees are offered by the department under the guidance of our experienced professors in collaboration with international visiting professors.

Fields of Interest
• Acquired Language and Cognition disorders (Aphasia, Dementia, …)

• Childhood Communication Disorders (Autism, SLI, Hearing loss)
• Motor Speech Disorders
• Bilingualism
• Voice Disorders
• Dysphagia