Library of School of Rehabilitation is one of the rich set of libraries with  a wide variety of sources in the field of rehabilitation and sports medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. This library consists  of specialized  and Reference Books, Journals Divisions and Circulation and Reference Books. In addition, it has different titles in medicine and non-medicine and related books in rehabilitation sciences and humanities. The principal gist of this library launched along with establishing the Rehabilitation Institute at 16 Azar Avenue in 1973 with a limited number of resources. This library expanded with the shifting of the School of Rehabilitation in to the campus of Tehran University in 1980 and then with transferring this school in to current location in 1982, continued its action with increasing the number of specialized books.

The objectives and scopes:

1-Collecting and organizing medical information resources for instructing and research roles

2- Providing facilities for library services

3 -Publishing a new bibliography index

4-Application modern LIS methods and providing electronic resources for improving services

5-The exchanging of knowledge, innovations, experiences and new scientific achievements

6- Collecting data requirements and ordering them

7-Preparing statistical and analytical reports

8-Predicting requirements, human resources and funds

The library of the School of Rehabilitation has different sections such as collecting and technical sections, theses and journal archives sections, repository and borrowing sections.